Egypt Exhibition 2017
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 In recent years, warp knitting industry has become one of the developing industries in China's textile industry, Wuyang Textile Machinery's intelligent warp knitting equipment technology has been steadily improving, constantly developing towards the direction of "traditional manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", which has not only attracted the attention of domestic customers and local industrial clusters, but also more and more foreign customers. It has not only attracted the attention of domestic customers and local industry clusters, but also received more and more attention from foreign customers.
Wang Minqi, the chairman of Wuyang Textile Machinery, personally attended the exhibition in Egypt and visited more than 10 Egyptian customers on site, and signed several orders on the spot, and intended to order more than 40 units. After the trip to Egypt, he went to Iran to explore the market of ks and plush blanket, and now the company has developed the business of mesh bag and sandwich fabric in Iran.

       Wuyang Textile Machinery will continue to cooperate with global customers in the future, and continue to promote the development of warp knitting field in China and the world with its leading technology advantage, and strive to provide global customers with higher quality, higher performance and more core competitiveness of the complete set of warp knitting machine equipment and services!